The Witham Shield

Witham Shield, a masterpiece of British Iron Age art, on show in Lincoln

Visitors to The Collection in Lincoln will have the chance to view the Witham Shield – a masterpiece of British Iron Age art and an icon of Lincolnshire archaeology – when it returns to the county for the first time in 150 years.
‘The Witham Shield: A Spotlight Loan from the British Museum’ runs from March 13 until June 9.

The treasure was discovered during dredging of the River Witham near Washingborough in 1826 and came into the possession of Reverend Humphrey Waldo Sibthorp, the Rector of Washingborough.
It was then owned by collectors Samuel Meyrick and Sir Augustus Wollaston Franks before being donated to the British Museum in 1872.
The British Museum, who have held the shield ever since, has agreed to loan it to Lincoln to give people a unique opportunity to view it.
Antony Lee, collections access officer for archaeology at the county council, said: “We are delighted that the famous Witham Shield is returning to Lincolnshire for the first time in 150 years.
“ It’s a masterpiece of Iron Age art and an iconic object in the British Museum collections.
“Visitors will be able to view the original shield and learn about its discovery, manufacture, decoration and significance.
“There will also be a series of family activity days and lectures to accompany the exhibition.”


ps300044_lDrawing of the Witham shield  with the elongated boar

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