Thor’s hammer, Lincolnshire


 Lincolnshire’s only gold ‘Thor’s hammer’ pendant discovered

A METAL detecting enthusiast has discovered a rare gold Viking pendant – the only one of its kind to be discovered in Lincolnshire.
Devin Wormsleycorr, from Spilsby, is now awaiting confirmation through the Treasure Act after discovering the piece in February.

He made the discovery in the first 10 minutes while metal detecting in a field with the landowner’s permission.
He said: “I did not know what it was at first. I just thought is was a modern day cross and put it in my pocket.

“I had found a few coins that day and thought more of them at first then the cross.
“I even wore it for a bit myself as part of a necklace – I just thought it was a modern sadist cross as it had three points on it.
“It was only when I got in touch with Adam Daubney that we thought it could be something very special.”
Adam Daubney Lincolnshire Finds Liaison Officer said: “This is something quite special.
“This is the only one in gold to be known in Lincolnshire and there are only two or three other gold ones we know about in other parts of the country.
“They are not that uncommon in bronze or silver but is quite rare in gold.
“It is currently going through the Treasure Act process which gives museums the opportunity to buy it if they want it.
“At the moment, this piece is with the British Museum awaiting valuation.”
Lincoln’s The Collection Museum has expressed an initial interest in the find.
Thor’s hammers are Viking-period amulet pendants, which are thought to represent the hammer of the Norse god Thor, known as Mjollnir.
It weighs around 3.65grams and dates late ninth or early 10th century.
It is a double-headed hammer with an elongated pentagonal head.
From the centre of the head extends an integral tapering rectangular-sectioned shaft.
The terminal of the shaft is narrowed to form a suspension loop.
Both faces of the axe are decorated with punched motifs resembling quatrefoils or perhaps miniature axes.
All sides of the shaft are also decorated in a similar manner.
Similar decoration has been seen on a silver Thor’s hammer pendant found in Leicestershire.
Mr Wormsley has made other findings in the past through his hobby, including a silver gilt seal-matrix dating back to the 14th century.


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