Menai Strait, Anglesey Roman site

 ‘Important’ Roman site found at Llanedwen, Anglesey
Archaeological work on the banks of the Menai Strait has revealed evidence of what has been described as “a Roman site of some importance”.
The site at Llanedwen, Anglesey, revealed “an unusual amount of high status material, suggesting a Roman site with links to the military”.

The Gwynedd Archaeological Trust says road works and a honeycomb of buildings were found, but no defensive ditches.
Pottery and coins found were also discovered at the site.
The works at Trefarthen was funded by historic monuments agency Cadw.
Artefacts have yet to be analysed but it is believed they show the military site was in use from the 1st Century shortly after the Roman invasion through to the end of the 4th Century.
The site is located opposite Caernarfon, which is home to  Segontium, a major part of the Roman military presence in Wales.
Dave Hopewell, of Gwynedd Archaeological Trust, said: “It changes our view of how we see Roman Wales really, and Roman Britain to a certain extent.
“It has always been assumed that we were in a militarised zone here and there was no Roman or Romanised civilian settlement at all.”


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