Rare Anglo-Saxon inhumation with cow

A ‘heads-up’ from Woodwose-

5th century woman buried with cow

The skeletons of an Anglo-Saxon woman and a cow have been found at  Oakington near Cambridge – the discovery’s so rare it’s thought to be the only one of its kind ever found in Europe.
Students from Manchester Metropolitan University and the  University of Central Lancashire came across the skeletons while digging under a former children’s playground. Experts say the cow was a sacrifice.


Current Archaeology: Oakington
Other remarkable Anglo-Saxon burials discovered in our region include.

This latest find is also thought to be of major significance. Experts are now trying to determine why a 5th century woman was buried with a sacrificial animal in this way.


One comment on “Rare Anglo-Saxon inhumation with cow

  1. supernova says:

    Yes that certainly is a very interesting discovery. There must be so much we still don’t know about our past, a past we can only completely piece together from discoveries which stretch the limits of our knowledge concerning a particular subject. Thank you for the article. Supernova.

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