Silverdale Hoard

Silverdale Viking hoard declared treasure

An exciting discovery which has made history has been declared as treasure. Carnforth man Darren Webster, 39, found a viking hoard while ‘killing an hour or two’ by going metal detecting in Silverdale.
The collection of coins, ingots, jewellery and pieces of silver, included a coin bearing the inscription AIRDECONUT, which is thought to mean the Scandinavian name Harthacnut, a ruler not previously known. It was declared treasure by Lancashire deputy coroner Simon Jones at a hearing today (Friday 16th December 2011).

A preliminary valuation is expected in mid-January, and could be bought by  Lancaster City Museum, if enough funds can be raised.
Mr Webster has agreed to split the money 50-50 with the owner of the land where the treasure was found.

A selection of objects and coins from the Silverdale Hoard will be on display at the British Museum in Room 2, from Thursday 15 December through the New Year.

BBC News: In pictures


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