Sad news

This weekend I heard sad news that Dr Margaret Gelling had died on Friday.

Dr Gelling is particularly noted, in certain academic circles, for finding an association between Anglo-Saxon place-names and landscape features.

For anyone who is interested in English place-names there is The English Place-Names Society website

Guardian Obituary


2 comments on “Sad news

  1. Man, that’s a real shame. I found her work very problematic to incorporate into my thinking but there’s no denying that it made me think, among many others.

    • saesferd says:

      Thank you for your comment, Jonathan. Personally, I do not find place-name research offers much indisputable evidence for settlements of particular groups of people [I am generalising here – place-name study tends to be used to denote settlement], in itself. However, used in conjunction with other indications, from perhaps historical and archaeological investigations, it can provide a certain amount of supporting evidence and is, therefore, still quite a valuable study.

      I have been trying to find an obit. online to add to this post, but perhaps it is too early yet and word has not got around the academic grapevine. If one appears, I will add it.

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