Geophysical Survey Reports online

AML Geophysical Survey Reports Available in HTML format

77 AML geophysical survey reports that are currently available in HTML format.

The English Heritage Geophysical Survey Database
The Geophysical Survey Database provides an on-line index of the archaeological geophysical surveys undertaken by the Archaeometry Branch of the Ancient Monuments Laboratory since 1972. For many of our surveys that have been reported since 1993 we also include a link to a hypertext copy of the report, complete with plots and interpretations. Additionally we aim to include details of geophysical surveys, undertaken by anyone, over scheduled ancient monuments and sites under EH guardianship. A pilot project to collect similar data from surveys carried out by colleagues in the profession has produced details of a further thousand or so surveys and these have been added to the index. We are currently unable to expand this latter part of the programme due to a lack of resources. However, we would still welcome details of any new geophysical surveys carried out by colleagues within England.


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