Welsh hill forts

Wales protects its Iron Age hill forts

Six spectacular Welsh Iron Age hill forts are being protected as part of a scheme costing 1.5 million pounds.

As part of a Heritage Lottery funded project, footpath improvement and erosion control work has been carried out at Moel Arthur hillfort on the Clwydian Range.

A floating ramp is being built over the large earth banks to help protect them from damage.

The innovative construction includes building a wooden frame into which stones are set to provide a safe walking surface, without any disturbance to the ground or the archaeology below.

Samantha Williams, Hillforts Conservation Officer, says “Moel Arthur has the most impressive ramparts, the large banks, of all the hillforts within the Clwydian Range and it is important that we protect them for the future.

“They have been there for over 2,000 years and with careful management like this they may be there for another 2,000. ”

Next year will also see the start of a major programme of works on Moel Fenlli hillfort.

David Shiel, Countryside Officer for the AONB, said, “It has taken many years of planning but we are now looking forward to beginning the repair work needed on the paths to make access up to the hillfort easier, as well as protecting the monument for many years to come.”

The scheme aims to to protect and to increase the enjoyment and understanding of the natural and historic upland environment of north-east Wales.

Itt will help to restore the patchwork of heather moorland that will provide better grazing for sheep and habitat for upland bird species such as the black grouse, the red grouse, hen harrier and ring ouzel.

Important access and management work will also be completed at six spectacular Iron Age hillforts.

Heather and Hillforts

Walking Britain Clwydian Hills


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