Roman harness mount

Roman finds go on display

ONE of the most fascinating archaeological finds to be discovered in the area in recent years has gone on display in a town museum.
The early Roman item, which is thought to be a mount for a horse harness, was unearthed during the public excavation run by Tees Archaeology in the Catcote Road area of Hartlepool in June.

Made of leaded brass and measuring about two square inches, it is elaborately decorated with inlaid blue and red enamel panels.

After its discovery, the harness mount was taken to the Conservation Unit at Durham University’s Archaeology Department where it was analysed and carefully conserved.

It is now part of Hartlepool Museums Service’s permanent collection at its Marina base.

Jean-Philippe Stienne, Archaeology Documentation Assistant at the Museum of Hartlepool, said: “This is probably the most remarkable Roman object ever found in Hartlepool.

“We knew it was special when it was unearthed but when it came back from conservation everyone was spellbound.”


2 comments on “Roman harness mount

  1. jayne13 says:

    It’s so pretty and detailed, even after all these years!

  2. saesferd says:

    Thank you for your comment, jayne13, and welcome to The Attic. This is a particularly nice piece. It was probably even more brightly coloured than it now appears, particularly the blue enamel which has deteriorated somewhat.

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