Montrose Museum: Maritime history

Angus display shows relics of shipwrecks
Museum focuses on maritime heritage

A REMINDER of the grim side of an Angus town’s maritime past has gone on display to mark Scottish Archaeology Month.
Montrose Museum has mounted an exhibition on ships wrecked near the town over the centuries. It tells the stories of the many hundreds of ships which have foundered, run aground, or been caught by storms.
They include the Jacobite ship La Fine which was sunk by HMS Hazard, manned by government sailors, during the 1745 rebellion. The display also shows the losses from both world wars.
The remains of wrecks are still sometimes uncovered at low tide, and there is also an exhibit relating to the “workhorse” wreck which is sometimes uncovered on the town’s beach.
It is the remains of a cargo barge which came to grief in the 19th century.
Curator Rachel Benvie said: “It was excavated in 2006, and these types of barges were so common shipbuilders didn’t keep records of them, so the only way to tell anything about them is to excavate.
“They were used for all kinds of purposes and cargoes, hence ‘workhorse’.”
The display will run throughout September and October at the museum in Panmure Place, which is open from 10am to 5pm from Monday to Saturday.


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