Cardington airship

One for Airminded. Due to happen today.

Beds Zeppelin’s airway to heaven [pics with link]
Bedfordshire on Sunday was invited to the launch of the Graff Zeppelin NT airship at Cardington hangars but due to windy conditions, the take off was postponed till Thursday.

The unique 75-metre long ship is due to begin the first modern air cruise, flying via London to Europe before arriving in Valkenburg, Holland three days later.

It is the first time a Zeppelin has visited Cardington since 1930 when the airship landed shortly before the fatal R101 took off.

The cruise is also extra special because it is being flown by the first female Zeppelin pilot, Katherine Board, who has been flying the airships since May this year.

Joining her is Fritz Goenther who has clocked up a staggering 8,000 hours flying airships.

The Zeppelin NT (which stands for new technology) is one of only four of the same type in the world and has been bought by American company Airship Ventures so is being shipped there later this year.

Erwin Krijger of Aerwin Technologies and John Christopher of Airship Initiatives are working together to promote Zeppelin travel and hope to get more people travelling on them.

Mr Christopher said: “It is the nearest thing to flying on a magic carpet.

“The panoramic windows allow the passengers to take in the view and it is so quiet and smooth when you’re up in the air.

“There are currently less than 30 airships in the world but we are hoping to promote airship travel and organise more tours on the Zeppelin which is the most technologically advanced.”


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