Georgian latrine

Archaeologists uncover Georgian pit
ARCHAEOLOGISTS will be digging at Croome Park this weekend in a bid to uncover the remains of an 18th century latrine.
Members of the Worcestershire Historic, Environment and Archaeology Service (WHEAS) will be uncovering the contents of the ancient privy in a bid to reveal the types of food eaten by the Georgians.
“We’re hoping that the sediments found will contain deposits that can be analysed to discover what food was being eaten at Croome in the 18th century,” said visitor services manager Wendy Carter.
“The samples will be sieved through fine mesh sieves, dried out, sorted under a microscope using tweezers, and then assessed by experts.
“It’s going to be fascinating to discover what the park’s designers and lovers of the park had been eating.”
The Archaeology Weekend takes place from 11am-4pm tomorrow (Saturday, July 19) and Sunday. Visitors will be able to watch the experts in action, and there will also be a chance to get involved in the excavation, although opportunities will be limited due to the size of the trench being dug out.


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