Amlwch Viking Festival will be in August (1st, 2nd and 3rd). Biannual Viking re-enactment including boat burning ceremony. This festival started in 1997, then from 1998 became a biannual event on the Isle of Anglesey.

North Wales event

200 authentically equipped warriors and villagers recreate the early 10th Century political rivalry on the Island, leading to internecine treachery and the eventual Battle of Ros Meilion* to expel the Vikings. Walk around a working 10th Century encampment, experience a Viking wedding, see the Vikings at work creating their original crafts, listen to their banter, soak up the atmosphere. Move on to the traditional craft stalls and enjoy a cut from the hog roast as you watch the spectacular display and battles. On Saturday evening, there was an open-air gig featuring Valleum and the Baloo’s Band, and a disco in Amlwch Port, followed by the Boat burning ceremony. Join in the throngs of people on Upper Quay Street in Amlwch Port to witness the Ceremonial Boat Burning and fireworks display bring the first action packed day to a close.

* Ingimund’s invasion F. T. Wainwright, The English Historical Review, Vol. 63, No. 247 (Apr., 1948), pp. 145-169

….Annales Cambriae and Brut y Tywysogion preserve Ingimund’s name, record his arrival in Anglesey and mention a battle at ‘Osmeliaun’ or ‘Ros Meilon ‘….

Update: alanfrombangor has kindly allowed me to place a link to his photoset of Amlwch Viking Festival which is on his Flickr site. Some good action shots of the re-enacted battle there, Alan. Thank you.

jennis-the-menace has also given permission for a  link to some excellent portrait studies from the festival.

Aerk has okayed a link to his action shots and portraits from the festival aswell. Thank you, Aerk


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