Neolithic IOM

Excitement at Ronaldsway excavations

The Neolithic site being excavated near the airport runway is continuing to excite those working on it.

Although still at a relatively early stage, a number of items have already been discovered; most significantly two human skulls, which are extremely rare to find here.

Archaeologists think one of these could still be attached to the full skeleton of someone buried there around 5000 years ago.

Manx National Heritage Field Archaeologist Andy Johnson says the conditions down at Ronaldsway are unique among ancient sites here on the Island :

Ensuring the airport runs smoothly – with all the security issues – while hosting one of the Island’s biggest construction sites – is something of a headache for the management team.

But Airport Director Anne Reynolds says so far – so good.

She says all involved – from contractors to archaeologists – are working together brilliantly.

And Mrs Reynolds says there was always a strong possibility of unearthing ancient remains.

Another big find at Ronaldsway : Audiofile and pic

Update: 30th June : includes Video footage


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