Elis Gruffudd’s Chronicle online

(NLW MS 3054D)

In circa 1552 Elis Gruffudd completed his massive chronicle of the history of the world from the Creation to his era. The chronicle was divided in two, and here in the second part, NLW Manuscript 3054D (Volumes i & ii), we are told the history of England and Wales from the time of William the Conqueror to 1552.

Elis Gruffudd (‘The soldier of Calais’) was born circa 1490 in Upper Gronant in the parish of Llanasa, Flintshire. He joined the English army in about 1510 and fought in Holland and Spain. By 1518 he was working for Sir Robert Wingfield, a gentleman from Suffolk, and in 1520 he moved to Calais where Wingfield was an ambassador. Between 1524 and 1529, he was custodian of Sir Robert’s mansion in London, and then returned afterwards to Calais where he stayed for the rest of his life. It is not known when he died.

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