A Challenge!

I’ve been set an avatar challenge, to explain my avatar:

“…. who, what or where is it and then why did you pick it?”

I suppose she is an embodiment of  my past, as I lived in Wales for many years, and was involved in early medieval/Norse/Celtic studies in Wales and in Ireland, so interlace patterns and a medieval appearance are appropriate. The figure also has plaits – I’ve been known to wear plaits, and my hair, particularly in the morning when I try to get a brush through it, attempts to take on the form of Celtic knotwork! However, I must admit that she was intended to be temporary, to be a colourful, reassuring presence, rather than have a ghostly, grey, indeterminate pawn in a comments box. At some point, I intend to create a more fitting avatar and retire the medieval usherette.

I now pass the challenge on to anyone who wishes to explain their avatar.


5 comments on “A Challenge!

  1. Brett Holman says:

    Well, mine is — I hope obviously! — aeroplane-shaped, quite appropriately.

    But the original source for it is a photo I found on eBay or somewhere of the membership badge of the National League of Airmen, founded in 1935 to pressure the government into building a bigger air force (a group which I’m researching). I took the photo and Photoshopped it to the nth degree until it was unrecognisable. So it’s even more appropriate than it appears at first sight, but so obscure that virtually nobody would get it but me …

  2. I was just looking for something to replace the gray ghost too, but the thistle has grown on me.

  3. saesferd says:

    For the tiny square that contains the avatar, your’s is a much more bold and straightforward design, Brett, whereas mine is rather too intricate for the space. In the New Year, I shall have to start considering a new avatar.
    I much prefer an avatar on comments to provide a little bit of personality and a sense of individual connection, than have the featureless ‘ghost’.

  4. I’m afraid on some monitors mine is probably just a purple blob…

  5. saesferd says:

    At least it’s a colourful blob! I think I’ll go for colour over complexity for my new avatar.

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