Viking Queen exhumation

Vikings are in the news of late.The Aardvarchaeologist has already posted a ‘heads-up’ for this one, but here’s a link little more information about the condition of the remains:Viking remains found intact

Archaeologists carefully extracted the human remains of two Viking women from an ancient burial mound this week, in an effort to keep them from disintegrating. Their fears proved to be unfounded.

The experts from Norway’s Museum of Cultural History in Oslo had been unsure of the condition of the two women, believed to be an Oseberg queen and her servant. They’re hoping their bones can reveal new information about them through DNA testing.

The bodies had been sealed in an aluminium casket in the late 1940s in an earlier attempt at preservation. The casket was then replaced in the burial mound’s sarcophagus.

Textiles on the Oseberg ship

Oseberg Ship

Oseberg Ship images note: video of remains


One comment on “Viking Queen exhumation

  1. archaeozoo says:

    Isn’t that a funny coincidence. It’s almost a bit like buses. You can wait for ages for one, and then several come along together.

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