Bristol Blenheim Bomber recovered

WWII bomber found in county field

The remains of a World War II bomber have been excavated after 10 years of searching by a team of enthusiasts.

The Bristol Blenheim Bomber, which crashed on a training mission 65 years ago, has been recovered from a field in Pawlett, Somerset.

It is hoped that the best of what has been excavated from the site will eventually be put on display at the aviation museum in Kemble, Gloucs.

Permission was sought from the Ministry of Defence before the dig.

The Blenheim was built in Bristol and used mainly in the early days of the war.

Aviation Archaeology

Scholar revives ancient subject

A Swansea University historian hopes to discover more about an ancient discipline which may have provided “the GPS system” of its day, 500 years ago.

Dr Adam Mosley will study cosmography, a subject believed to combine geography, history and astronomy.

He will also try to find out how it died out in around the 17th Century.

The lecturer wants to discover more about its study and how strong its links were with the seafarers’ art of navigating by the stars.

The subject became popular around 500 years ago but died out and part of Dr Mosley’s work will be to find out why.

He is undertaking a two month fellowship at Cambridge University to find out more.


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