Theft from archaeological site


Thieves with metal detectors have stolen Roman artefacts from a major archeological excavation site.More than 30 holes have been dug in a field at Sudbrooke where experts and amateurs have been working for two years to uncover the remains of a 2,000 year-old Roman villa.Archeologists working on the dig say they will now never know what items were taken.

And they admit the damage to the site will hinder them in working out exactly what once stood in the field, which is close to Wragby Road – an old Roman road.

Thieves damage Roman villa site

Archaeologists excavating the site of a Roman villa say artefacts have been stolen and damage caused by thieves using metal detectors.The team arrived at the site just north of Lincoln on Thursday morning to find 31 holes had been dug there overnight.

The four-week dig is a joint venture between Lindum Heritage and Bishop Grosseteste University College Lincoln.

She said: “We’re absolutely furious. Whatever they’ve taken is theft because any finds on the site belong to the landowner Owen Day Farms.

“They could have taken anything. The most likely things they’ve taken are rusty Roman nails which have no monetary value, but have archaeological value.

“They’ve destroyed part of the integrity of the site. It’s immoral. It’s criminal vandalism. What they’ve destroyed can never be replaced.”

The archaeologists have now taken all the metal from the site.

Dig Diary 2007


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