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….which is a guide to historical and literary sources, in the forms of Diaries and Journals, from all periods and parts of the world, which have been printed in English; its principal content is a list of published diaries taken from the second edition of An Annotated Bibliography of Diaries Printed in English, compiled by Christopher Handley and published in hardback and electronic formats by Hanover Press.

“Rotherwas Ribbon” update:

Heritage inspectors visit feature

English Heritage inspectors have been visiting a 4,000-year-old feature in Herefordshire to see if it should be preserved as an ancient monument.Archaeologists have said the Rotherwas Ribbon, found by road builders, could be as important as Stonehenge.Herefordshire Council said a protective shield will be built over the site to preserve it for future generations. A relief road will then be built over it.If inspectors schedule the monument, work on the road will have to stop.

Archaeologists have said there are no parallels to the site in the rest of Europe, with the closest similar artefact being the 2,000-year-old Serpent Mound of the Ohio River valley in the US, a 1,330ft (405m) long effigy of a serpent.

Dr Keith Ray, Herefordshire County Archaeologist, said the site was unique because it was built in three dimensions.

Viking Ship update: Still waiting for a wind with some east in it!


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