Dive to discover lake’s history  

Archaeologists will dive into the lake at a stately home in Wiltshire, to find out what the valley looked like before the garden was created.Henry Hoare flooded the valley and dammed medieval fishponds at Stourhead as part of his design for the landscape garden in the 18th Century.

The Stourhead project was established in 2004, a collaboration between the Nautical Archaeology Society and the National Trust, to investigate the archaeology and submerged landscape of the lakes on the Stourhead Estate at Stourton in Wiltshire, and regarded as one of the finest of the 18th century landscape gardens

Stourhead Archaeology Extravaganza!National Trust Stourhead Garden Filming location for 2005 Pride and Prejudice

Thunderbirds trivia:

Lady Penelope’s stately home is modelled on Stourhead House, Wiltshire, England. There is an commemorative plate on display there acknowledging this.

Thunderbirds was a British children’s television puppet show of the mid-1960s. Lady Penelope  was a fictional character in the series with a pink Rolls-Royce, FAB1, and a butler/chauffeur, “Nosey” Parker.


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