On the Blog

ON THE BLOG On Radio 2Thursdays, 2330-0000
Rpt’d Saturdays at 1330
Six parts (3 May-7 Jun)

Caroline Quentin, Andy Taylor and Simon Greenall star in Radio 2’s new comedy series about how computers and the internet are gradually infiltrating every aspect of people’s lives.

Both a sitcom and a wicked satire of the internet’s many absurdities, On The Blog’s ‘hero’ is Andrew Glasgow, the assiduous keeper of a ‘blog’. Part confessional and part performance, blogging has been heralded as the biggest revolution in journalism since the invention of radio but, as Andrew demonstrates, it’s really just a jamboree for the kind of people who write round-robins at Christmas and also a massive repository of staircase wit.

Andrew blogs obsessively about his life and loves. In his case, this is a collection of military war-gaming enthusiasts, some tiny painted pewter soldiers, his terrifying Czech mother and the mysterious Mr Demjanjuk.

Very amusing observations – it’s scary, I know people like that!


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