Jamestown – America’s Birthplace, was a Time Team Special, screened on May 1st 2007 on Channel 4.

Four hundred years ago, at the end of 1606, three ships set sail from what is now Virginia Quay in London. Five months later, on 14 May 1607, the 105 men on board the Discovery, Godspeed and Susan Constant arrived at the site on the east coast of America where they would establish the first permanent English settlement on that continent. They named it Jamestowne, after James I, who was king of England at the time.

Stunning finds
As Time Team discovered while filming this special, some of the finds have been stunning. For example, the waterlogged conditions at the foot of a large well have yielded some perfectly preserved finds from the early years of the settlement. Those discovered while Time Team was present include a young child’s leather slipper, a halberd (a large axe blade and spike mounted on a long wooden shaft) and a hammer

Jamestown Rediscovery

Historic Jamestown

Jamestown 2007

National Geographic: America in 1607

Bartholomew Gosnold

Gosnold led the expedition to set up the first permanent English-speaking colony in the New World in 1607 and is regarded as a founding father of America.

In 2003 scientists uncovered a skeleton at Jamestown, Virginia, which they believed to be the remains of Gosnold. To prove the theory archaeologists obtained permission from the Church of England to extract DNA from the remains of Elizabeth Gosnold Tilney, the explorer’s sister.

Jamestown skeletons

From: The Examining Room of Dr. Charles: Jamestown, 1607 – What would you bring?


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