Gladiators’ graveyard

Gladiators’ graveyard discovered

Scientists believe they have for the first time identified an ancient graveyard for gladiators.

Analysis of their bones and injuries has given new insight into how they lived, fought and died.

The remains were found at Ephesus in Turkey, a major city of the Roman world, BBC Timewatch reports.

Timewatch – Gladiator Graveyard

A forthcoming BBC Two Timewatch documentary (11 May, 9pm) reveals details of the first named Gladiator remains. Previously there has been no named Gladiator scientific material to access.

Thanks to the ground breaking work of Austrian forensic anthropologists – Dr Fabian Kanz and Professor Karl Grossschmidt – at a mass Gladiator grave in Ephesus, Turkey, Timewatch has been able to establish a detailed picture of how the Gladiator, identified as Gladiator trainer Euxenius, may have lived, fought and died.


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