Archaeology in the news

Historic TV finds are handed over

Historical artefacts unearthed in the Isle of Man by a team of television archaeologists have been handed over to Manx National Heritage (MNH).

The discoveries were made during the excavation at Mount Murray by the Channel 4 Time Team programme.

The programme was screened on 14th January 2007

The ogham stone


Celtic Inscribed Stones Project online database

Example of an ogham stone at Ballaqueeney, Isle of Man CISP database: code RUSH/N1:  “DOVAIDONA MAQI DROATA” (The Stone) of Dovaidu (PN), son of the Druid, and, code RUSH/N2: “BIVAIDONAS MAQI MUCOI CUNAVA[LI]” (The stone) of Bivaidu (PN), son of the clan/tribe Cunava[li] – (Connell)

Dig to find Olympic site history

An archaeological dig to unveil the full history of the 2012 Olympics site has begun in east London.Experts from the Museum of London have begun researching the Roman, Viking, medieval and recent industrial history of the 500-acre site.


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