Last night, we watched a Time Team Special on Channel 4, called Britain’s drowned world.

Ten thousand years ago, before the melting ice from the end of the last Ice Age led to a huge rise in sea levels, the map of Britain looked very different to what it is today. In what are now the North Sea and the English Channel, there was an area of land the size of England itself – a great plain that stretched across from the east of Britain to what are now Denmark, northern Germany, Holland, Belgium and France. Meandering through it, the rivers Rhine, Thames and Seine and their various tributaries converged into an immense estuary that discharged into the Atlantic Ocean to the west. ..

Coincidently, Remote Central has a recent post about ’Doggerland’, the name given to the submerged Mesolithic landscape, in the North Sea.

Update North Sea Palaeolandscape Project


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