Origins of the English

I’ve just finished reading Origins of the English by Catherine Hills. Quite timely, considering that today is St George’s Day, patron saint of England and the town has been celebrating, with various events, all weekend. The celebrations are quite novel for me, having lived in Wales for more than half my life!

Catherine Hills’ book and her discussion, in Chapter 4, about archaeogenetics, researching DNA of present populations to discover the distribution of particular ancestral groups around and about Britain, also coincides with a three-part television series that’s being broadcast at the moment: The Face of Britain on Channel Four. The programme makes me uneasy; it presents the interpretations as immutable, conclusive facts and to me, raises more questions than it answers because its explanations of the testing seem rather simplistic, with HUGE assumptions being made. Is this dumbing-down for a wider, general audience for television? The research is actually being conducted by Oxford University.

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