misc004.jpgLast weekend, we were away for a Saturday evening wedding reception, at a hotel, on the Cheshire-Wales border. We had decided to stay another night there, so on the Sunday we went into Chester and, as it was a nice day, did the touristy things, like the City Sightseeing Open Top Bus Tour and a River cruise. Chester seems to be looking a little more shabbier than I remember it, with a lot of empty shops. The old convent (Dee House), behind the amphitheatre, looks to have  been burnt out. We also learned that the hundreds-of-years-old tradition of closing the Kale Yard Gate at curfew was ended two years ago.

We got back to the hotel room in time for Time Team on television, which coincidentally,was concerned with a dig project in Cheshire, at Poulton.

Virtual walk of Chester’s Walls.


One comment on “Chester

  1. katknit says:

    Hi! I’ve been enjoying your blog – I love England & have visited many times. Chester’s cathedral was awesome.
    We have lots of interests in common, it seems. The medieval period is fascinating. Thanks for adding my knitting blog to yours – I’ll add this one to mine. I have another devoted to history and such :
    Hope you’ll visit and keep in touch. Good weekend!

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