Secondary Relics and Primary Sources

Primary relics are parts of the body of the saint, whereas secondary relics are objects that have been in contact and/or used by the saint. Tertiary relics are those that have touched a primary or secondary relic, conveying the sacredness.

My interest is in the reliquaries made to house these sacred objects. They were often of highly decorated and bejewelled metalwork.

As it was St Patrick’s Day on Saturday:

The Bell of St Patrick’s Will is a very plain functional object. The Shrine of Patrick’s Bell  is an exquisite piece of Irish medieval craftsmanship.

Patrick is one of only two native writers from sub-Roman Britain. The other is Gildas

St Patrick’s Confessions , his autobiography.  Epistola S. Patricii ad Christianos Corotici Tyranni subditos – St Patrick’s letter

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