Ancient Halls


Above: Swtan,Ynys Môn.

Whilst searching for information about Nassington, I came across The Prebendal Manor House

The Grade I listed Prebendal Manor House is the earliest surviving dwelling in Northamptonshire.

It forms the focus of a group of stone buildings, which includes a 16th century dovecote, a large 18th century tithe barn and a 15th century lodgings building.

The present stone house dating from the early 13th century stands on a historic site, which includes two medieval fishponds, and archaeological and historical evidence of one of king Cnut’s royal timber halls.

The Prebendal Manor and the church stand on a promontory over looking the village and river Nene.

The archaeology 

It reminded me of Penarth Fawr medieval hall house, near Chwilog, North Wales; on a less grander scale, of Swtan,Ynys Môn and Aberconwy house, Conwy.

This then took me back, reminiscing about a school trip to Hall’ith’Wood and where my fascination for old buildings may have started.

The oldest part of this building dates back to 1483, additions were made in 1591 and 1648.

On another unrelated topic – this weekend, we learned about  Landguard Fort – another place on our ‘To Visit’ list.

Landguard Fort has a long and rich history. Originally built at the behest of Henry the Eighth it is the only fort in England to have repelled a full scale invasion attempt. This was in 1667 when Captain Nathaniel Darell and 500 men defeated Admiral de Ruyter’s Dutch force on 2nd July (Darell day is still celebrated). Since then the Fort has seen many changes during its time under military control up to 1956, when the army finally marched out. What remains now are parts of the walls and casemate rooms within, dating from the Fort of 1744 and later changes made during Queen Victoria’s reign.

An English Heritage site.


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