“Pugin: The God of Gothic”

Yesterday evening, we watched a Time Team Special, Pugin: The God of Gothic, on television.

In The God of Gothic, Time Team followed the restoration of The Grange by the Landmark Trust, and set it in the wider context of Pugin’s other work – all of it accomplished in such a short period of time because Pugin died aged just 40.

 Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin  1812-1852
The Grange, Ramsgate, Kent,was a family house built by Augustus Pugin in 1843-4 and was scheduled demolition before the Landmark Trust managed to rescue it.Stripping panels the restoration team found some very LOUD wallpaper of Pugin’s design.

Pugin is most remembered for assisting Sir Charles Barry in the design of the present  Houses of Parliament, Westminster


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