Salisbury Cathedral

 This evening we watched a video recording about Salisbury Cathedral. I visited it many years ago, whilst on holiday near Stourhead. With the tallest church spire in the Britain and the largest cloister in England, Salisbury is quite a feat of medieval workmanship. There is scaffolding and a huge windlass still in situ, in the tower, which would have been used for hoisting building stone. Like a giant hamster wheel, it could be operated by a person moving around inside a tread-wheel.

The cathedral also has a clock dating from at least 1386 (maybe even earlier), which is most likely the oldest known working clock. Originally situated in a bell tower that was demolished in 1792, it was repaired and restored in 1956.

There is, also,one of the best preserved of four of the surviving original copies of  Magna Carta kept in the Chapter House.
Salisbury Cathedral: unusual facts and figures.

Whilst looking for links for the cathedral, I came across an spooky little tale about a haunted pub in Salisbury, The Haunch of Venison.  This present day pub and restaurant, with panelled walls and oak beams, dates from 1320, when it was a church house,but it became a brothel in the 1700’s and is reputed to have a couple of ghosts. One is The Grey Lady and the other is said to be The Demented Whist Player. For, several years ago, during renovation work, a secret alcove was found behind one of the pub’s old fireplaces. There workmen found a mummified hand holding several, yellowed, eighteenth-century playing cards. It is presumed that the owner of the hand was cheating at cards and was found out. The story goes that a butcher was summoned from the market across the road to chop off the cheat’s hand. That hand is on display in a glass case.

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