Sutton Hoo links


As I’ve seen some of the items on display at the British Museum and was there, at the site, quite recently, and will be again in a few weeks’ time…….

The Place

National Trust website

Current Archaeology

The Helmet

Interview with The British Museum’s Sonja Marzinzik. I don’t agree with Sonja that it was a helmet to be used in battle (unless leading from the back!).

Some of the treasures from the original 193o’s excavation.

Later excavations.


No traces of a body were discovered. The excavation, however, was in the 1930s, when archaeological technique and technology were limited, so the remains of a body might not have been so easily detected. The grave is, now, generally accepted as being that of Raedwald, King of the East Angles.

More about the identification from Carla Nayland

A Wealth of Evidence: The Identity of the Man Commemorated at Sutton Hoo – Dimitri Phillips.

The Reckoning of King Raedwald: The Story of the King Linked to the Sutton Hoo Ship-Burial – Sam Newton


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