Amber to green and maybe through to the violet end….

Although this blog will be more of a journal than a topic-focused blog (which, tend to be very techie, so I’ve read), there might be a slight bias towards my research for a PhD thesis. Doing research for a PhD is isolating and also dauntingly enigmatic. I do not know what to expect at each stage, or the degree of requirement of the work, or how to make proficient decisions, yet, so there are likely to be the inexorable ponderings as I work my way through it.Without doubt, there will be posts about what I’m doing, which will include what I’m knitting [!] and how it’s progressing, what I’m reading and a little of what’s happening in my life.I also want to explore other subjects, learn more about blogging, achieve some confidence in expressing opinions and improve my writing, particularly by being better at articulating what I want to express in words.


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